• 1 Dec
  • 2018

Launching Crush program at TVE Dept

The department successfully launched a one-month free training programme to train both students and staff members. This programme has two sections Language and Programming. The language programme is designed to improve student's communication skills in both French and English.

In both programmes, students are expected to attend all classes with no exception. As students will be awarded certificates at the end of the training, they are expected to have a minimum of 80% attendance and and a pass in the assessment provided by their respective instructors.

In language training, students are expected to exhibit improvement in their spoken, written and listening skills. The should have familiarity with most of the commonly used phrases in both English and French. We believe by the end of this intensive training, we shall have attained confidence in communicating the above mentioned languages.

The department has employed special experts in both languages and Programming to teach and train our students. These experts have experiences and know how to deal with students from different background and levels. And the department is optimistic that the programme will attain its intended goals and objectives.

we wish all the participants a joyful and interactive classes.

Download the file for more details:

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