message from head

Message from the Head of TVE Department

The Department of Technical and Vocational Education (TVE) welcomes you to the Islamic University of Technology (IUT) a subsidiary organ of the 57 Member Countries of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The TVE department is the oldest department and the building bridge of IUT. One of the prescribed functions of department; the then Instructor Training and General Studies was to train instructors, technicians and tradesmen in technologies and trades needed in the OIC Member States and to upgrade the mid-level and lower level manpower to international standards; and conduct research on the requirements of technical and vocational education of the Islamic countries. This functions have always been maintained as a priority of the TVE department as the department’s offerings has always been internationally recognized. The department offers undergraduate programs leading to Diploma in Technical Education (DTE) for graduated of diploma in engineering, two year Bachelor of Science in technical education for graduates of DTE, and one-year Bachelor of science in technical education (B.Sc.T.E.) for graduates of Higher Diploma in Engineering (which has closed its doors this year). And offers Post-graduate programs leading to one-year Post-graduate Diploma in technical education and a two-year Master of Science in Technical Education (M.Sc.T.E.) for graduates of B.Sc. in engineering and B.Sc.T.E. The department is looking forward to begin its PhD programs in Technical Education.

The curriculum of this department is addressed to students who wish to be distinguished as senior and top executives in the private and public TVET sector, while the graduates play an important role in the country’s wider economic, social and political life. After graduation from the TVE department, graduates have gone for higher education and obtained PhD’s while others have joined the workforce immediately after graduation from IUT.

As earlier explained above, the analytic relevance of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) is the relationship between training supply and demand, or between the objectives and outputs of the TVET subsector and the economic and social requirements of a country. In view of that the TVE department is proud because its graduates have been highly accepted in the job market in their countries and occupy senior positions for example, nearly all the principals and teachers of Polytechnic Institutes and Technical schools and colleges in Bangladesh are graduates of the TVE department. This is the same with other OIC Member Countries. TVE graduates of IUT also holds senior positions in industrial sectors of Bangladesh and other OIC Member Countries. Some are working as University teachers, researchers and policy makers of these countries.

The TVE department has a carefully designed curriculum which offers a wide range of knowledge in (different technologies, curriculum development in TVE, Management and Leadership in TVE, Occupational Analysis in TVE, Educational Research and Statistics, Methods and Techniques of Teaching, Online Teaching-Learning, Measurement and Evaluation, Systems Approach in Education, Psychology, Education, Educational Guidance and Counselling, etc.),  aiming at the integrated  education and training of future leaders in the private and public TVET sector. Particular emphasis is given on familiarizing students with New Technologies. The combination of a dynamic and innovative curriculum that takes advantage of the latest technologies and vocational pedagogies, with the experienced and reputable teachers of the Department, creates a fertile ground for the effective dissemination of knowledge and the development of the necessary skills for future professional recognition of the Department's students.

Moreover, the Department promotes the advancement of research through the development of distinguished post-graduates, thus contributing both in creating future scientists in TVET and strengthening the research effort of all members of the academic community. Our mission, besides the development of cognitive, affective, psychomotor and administrative skills, is to cultivate and develop organizational, consulting, communicational and social forms of behavior that will create TVET experts not only able to play a key role in TVET institutions and organizations, but also to open  new prospects of forming and developing the leaders of tomorrow. 

Concluding, I would like to communicate to you our timeless vision: the creation of fruitful leaders of TVET who are not content with operating in a standard way but by being adaptive to a dynamic ever changing environment, they will be able to face every difficulty as a new challenge. By changing the future of world TVET, and cultivating high sense of purpose regarding not only the success of TVET, but above all, the human value. 

Dr Faruque A. Haolader  
Professor and Head
Department of Technical and Vocational Education (TVE)