message from head

Message from Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technical Education

It is indeed a pleasure for me to welcome you to the Faculty of Science and Technical Education of IUT a subsidiary organ of OIC. IUT is mandated to produce skilled human resources for the member states of OIC in particular in the fields of Engineering and Technical Education that would certainly underpin the socio-economic developments of countries in a harmonious way of the global trends.

At present, the Faulty has two-degree awarding departments, namely the Department of Technical and Vocational Education (TVE) and the Department of Business and Technology Management (BTM). In line with the vision and mission of IUT, the faculty is constantly updating its curricula that instill all the necessary attributes to our graduates to become competent Human resource in the relevant fields. The 21st Century started with an array of new technologies that revolutionized human lives in a way that nobody thought before. Our seamless bonding with technology in all spheres of our lives is making Engineering and Technical Education more relevant than any other discipline.

The Department of Technical and Vocational Education (TVE) offers teacher education programmes to cater to the needs of professionally trained teachers and other educational personnel in the field of Technical Education in the OIC countries. The programmes provide for three categories of entrants i.e. Diploma Engineers, Higher Diploma Engineers and Graduate Engineers.

The Department offers five teacher education programmes. This is in accordance with the recommendations of the First Consultative Meeting of the National Experts on Curriculum Design and Staff Development as adopted by the Fourth Meeting of the Board of Directors and First Session of the General Assembly of IUT and as approved by the Twelfth Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers.

It is considered appropriate that effective professional preparation for teaching in technical institutions should involve pedagogical training as well as the enrichment and upgrading of specialized technical subject areas to a level higher than one's basic preparation.

Through a series of pedagogical and professional courses, the trainees develop competencies for improvement of teaching learning process, abilities to teach effectively in classroom through the application of appropriate methods and techniques along with the use of innovative teaching aids and materials, administrative and supervisory competencies for running technical Institutions, understanding of the principles and techniques of measurement and evaluation in order to apply them for improvement of teaching - learning process, competencies for curriculum development, abilities for proper planning and management, skill in evaluating the outcomes of technical education and designing and conducting educational research. The trainees further upgrade their technical knowledge in a chosen division of higher engineering as available in the University.

The TVE Department of IUT offers DTE Programme, BScTE Programme, PGDTE Programme, MScTE Programme. The Department is going to offer PhD Programme from 2020.

In addition to the professional courses, the department offers general courses in Languages (English, French, and Arabic), Islamiat, Islamic history, Science & Culture to all fresh entrants in all departments of the University. The relevant technical departments of IUT for upgrading their subject matter knowledge and specialization offer technical courses for the students of teacher education programmes.

Vision, Mission and Objectives of the TVE Department

Vision Statement
To become a world class center of excellence for Technical and Vocational Education by virtue of offering quality teaching, achieving high standard research, and learning and ensuring continual professional development in line with the philosophy of education for work to realize the vision of OIC Member countries.

Mission Statement
To produce technical educationists, technical teachers trainers and researchers having strong theoretical and practical underpinning in the diverse areas within the technical and vocational education. The ultimate mission is to explore, expand and apply knowledge and skills to serve OIC member countries by educating and training Muslim Ummah in particular and the global as a whole with the necessary know-how and expertise to become competitive human recourses.

1. To develop market oriented academic programmes that fulfil TVET teachers Standards and employment requirements of OIC Member countries.
2. To produce graduates with excellent academic achievement.
3. To ensure that all academic and non-academic staff accumulate at least 48 hours of professional training in a year.

To ensure maximum collaboration and cooperation with foreign universities, research institutions, local industries and developmental organizations in the area of teaching, research, consultancy, skills development and lifelong learning for sustainable development.

Our programs are compatible with all similar types of accredited programs in the globe. Our alumni are doing excel in their respective profession and doing research and pursuing higher education in the top-ranked universities.

At this outset as the Dean of FSTE, I invite all the prospective students to get enrolled in the UG and PG programs of IUT and obtain a world-class degree that will certainly help you to go further.

Prof Dr Mohammad Rakibul Islam
Dean, Faculty of Science and Technical Education (FSTE)
Islamic University of Technology (IUT), A Subsidiary Organ of OIC