Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Technology (BTHT)– exploring the very latest trends

Tourism and Hospitality Technology program comprises of four years of study consisting of eight consecutive semesters of sixteen weeks duration each. This program will be offered under self-financed scheme and the proposed initial enrollment is 50 students. The course curricula contain Tourism and Hospitality Technology of high level as well as components for hands-on-experience to produce graduates of international standard with technological know-how having relevance to the development needs of the OIC member states. Specifically, the curriculum focuses on an array of core topics including tourism, hospitality, professional development, pedagogy, marketing and technology.

As this program requires a strong background of communication skills, management skills, science, geographical knowledge and cultural understanding, a number of courses on language, communication skills, management and human resource, culture, society, science and geography have been included in the syllabus. Moreover, to make the syllabus a balanced and complete one, courses on social science, Islamic history and its value related to tourism and hospitality, computer software, environment and ethics have been incorporated.

After completion of four semesters, the students will choose their area of specialization to either on tourism or hospitality management. Students will undergo an internship program in sixth semester which will enhance their knowledge to an industry level. Also, a number of projects/ practicums are incorporated to the related theoretical courses across different semesters. In their final year, students are required to submit a thesis in their area of specialization. The course curricula will be under constant scrutiny and review and continuously updated to meet the current needs and requirements of the OIC member states. The levels and contents are always kept at international standard.

Program Objectives

The BTHT program of the Department of TVE, IUT will be recognized as a leader in the development of future professionals in a global Tourism and Hospitality industry through teaching excellence, research, community engagement, and industry partnership.


The mission of this program is to prepare leaders to meet the needs of the Tourism and Hospitality industries of the OIC Member countries and in the world at large by providing world class education, research and training.


The vision of this program are as follows:

  • Excellence: Provide exceptional learning experiences that promote and develop THT leadership.
  • Integrity: Uphold the highest ethical and professional standards of all faculty, staff, and students.
  • Community: Involve community partners to provide learning and service opportunities that engage students and faculty from different backgrounds.
  • Sustainability: Engage faculty and students across the curriculum with awareness in sustainability issues and a capacity to contribute to the construction of sustainable societies.
  • Forward thinking: Be visionary in moving the THT program and IUT forward by providing opportunities for continued development and growth.
  • Globalization: Uphold national, regional and global orientation of the curriculum of THT program.
  • Islamic Value: Constructing Islamic value and ethics among faculty and students of THT program.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Exhibit knowledge of operations relative to the provisions of goods and services in THT.
  • Demonstrate application of technological competences in Tourism and hospitality industry.
  • Inquire into the foundations of strategic management and leadership in the THT industry, including and not limited to the application of human resources, marketing, finance, and other business principles
  • Exhibit effective written and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Acquire knowledge of a global perspective and diversity issues related to BTHT.
  • Acknowledge legal and ethical considerations affecting organizations in the BTHT industry.

Career Opportunities

The proposed program will be outcome based. Therefore, more emphasis has been given on industrial attachments, projects and practicum throughout the program. The graduate of tourism & hospitality management is recognized as skilled manpower throughout the world.

They have worldwide career opportunities in these fields of Tourism and Hotel business, Tourism & Hospitality Industry, Travel Agencies, Five Star Hotels, and Airlines etc. Moreover, they can also build career as tour Entrepreneur, Tour Operator, Travel Consultant, Conference and Special Events Manager, Restaurant Owner/Manager, Hotel Owner/Manager etc.


BTHT :Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Technology

Offered By :TVE department

Duration :4 Years

Total Credit :130 Credit Hours

Tuition fees and scholarships

This program is a self-financed program. Student need to pay their tuition fees as per the rule of IUT.

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